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SONY PS3 Slim Game Console - 320GB

SONY PS3 Slim Game Console - 320GB


from Dixons

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Introduce yourself to the sleek Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console . Smaller, lighter and more power-efficient than previous models, it offers advanced design, lightning-fast processing power, revolutionary games-playing innovation and sophisticated internet, multimedia and Blu-ray features that make it much more than just a groundbreaking games console. A high-end multimedia super-performer ready to take its place at the heart of your home entertainment system, the PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console has serious computing power under its stylish hood, including IBM's Cell processor and a Sony/NVidia co-developed graphics processor that makes this system able to whiz through two trillion calculations per second, 340 times as fast as the PlayStation 2. The Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console uses the Blu-ray Disc media format, which can hold up to six times the amount of data as DVDs, to support increasingly amazing gaming, as well as state-of-the-art movie watching, including upcoming firmware updates that will allow 3D Blu-ray film playback. Coupled with its computing power and advanced graphics processing, the potential of this system is almost unlimited, with jaw-dropping 3D and augmented reality games already in stores and more to come as its capabilities are explored by developers. Adding to the excitement of this game-changing console, the revolutionary DualShock Wireless controller for the PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console contains a sensitive, highly accurate Sixaxis sensing system that responds to your every hand movement and, along with the PlayStation Move (sold separately), will transform game-playing forever. The PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console 's HDMI port allows for compression-free delivery of pure digital video and audio to a TV, monitor or projector, for stunning 128-bit pixel precision and 1080p resolution, not to mention fully immersive Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1 and Linear PCM 7.1 sound output. It also comes with a full set of traditional AV and composite connections, plus two USB 2.0 ports and Bluetooth. As well, the PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console offers Ethernet and Wifi access to the internet to take full advantage of the many Blu-ray and PS3 features and extras available on-line. And with its generous 320GB hard drive, it offers plenty of storage space for downloadable games, videos, music, films, photos and much more. Much more than just an incredibly powerful console, the PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console is a truly multimedia device, able to entertain you with music, movies, photos, your favourite Internet sites, video chat and more, while offering performance and specifications that outclass many stand-alone devices. And the limits of its capabilities are still being discovered! Discover the exciting, unlimited world of the Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Game Console today!

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