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Why go for a cheap Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)?

Here we give you 10 Reasons why you should go for the cheap Sony PlayStation 3 over any other gaming console.

  • Sony PlayStation 3 is a global brand and with a global brand comes the security that they games will never stop being made and the PS3 community of gamers will always evolve and grow.
  • Compare the Sony PS3 sales with any other games console and you will see that it is the fastest and most selling gaming console on the market and the number one best seller in the world.
  • Sony PS3 games and accessories are still being developed and even now game designers know that they have not fully exploited the immense power which is inside the ultra affordable PlayStation 3 meaning even more exciting games are only just around the corner.
  • From the moment that you buy a Sony PlayStation 3 you are joining an elite community of gamers where you can be who you want to be and play whatever games you so wish.
  • You will never experience the Xbox Red Ring of Death with your Sony PlayStation 3. At most, the PS3 might take a while to download its updates but once that is done (quite quick with a good broadband connection) you are away.
  • Even the cheapesy Sony Playstation 3 comes with Blu-Ray as standard. BluRay is an amazing piece of technical wizardry and it sits perfectly on the PS3 games console.
  • Call of Duty 5, World at War. We have played Call of Duty World at War on both gaming platforms and for some reason it just seems to work that little bit better on the PS3. It is almost as though Call of Duty World at War realises that the Playstation 3 is its spiritual home.
  • The PlayStation 3 just looks nicer! Put any Xbox 360 next to a PlayStation 3 and you can almost feel the embarrassment being emitted from the Xbox console. The PS3 looks awesome and its sleek and elegant finish means it can fit into any decor environment.
  • PlayStation 3 Accessories are always being designed and released and whilst other games consoles try to launch every possible gaming accessory known to man, PS3 release only the kinds of things that people want.
  • PlayStation 3 has no connection whatsoever to uber-geek Bill Gates! Reason enough to get yourself one!